HELEN NEWTON was born August 10, 1903 in Primrose, Nebraska, and died June 14, 1989 in Sidney Iowa. When she was 3 years-old her mother Harriette Saphrona Martin-Newton died and she was sent back to Farragut, Iowa to live with her mother's parents Richard Martin and Barbara Leggett-Martin, and her aunts Sarah, Addie, and Clara. When she was 22, she married FLOYD MAFFITT. The newspaper notice of the wedding dated December 21, 1925, reported:

"Miss Helen Newton, niece of Misses Sarah, Addie and Clara Martin of Farragut, was married at their home Monday morning to Floyd Maffitt of Farragut. The ceremony took place at 11:30 o'clock, and the ring ceremony was read by Rev. Bauman, pastor of the Congregaional church in the presence of eighteen guests, all relatives. The home was prettily decorated with Christmas wreaths, red candles and poinsettas. A three-course breakfast followed the ceremony. The bride was prettily gowned in a powder blue and rosewood brocade silk dress. The bridal couple left immediately following the breakfast in their car for a visit at Des Moines and will be at home at Farragut after January 13 on the home farm. His parents Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Maffitt moving to town. Mr. and Mrs. Maffitt are both popular young people of the community. Both graduated from Farragut High School in the same class; both attended college at Cedar Falls, Ia. The bride has been a successful school teacher for a number of years, having taught in the Missouri Valley and Red Oak schools. She has made her home with the Martins at this place since two years of age. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Maffitt, of this place and is a prosperous young farmer."

Helen and Floyd had three children: Barbara Dicie (1926-1939) Kent Newton (1936) and Floyd Clark (1940)

I've always thought this photo taken when she was 16, bears a strong family resemblance to Suzanna.

FRANKLIN NEWTON (Helen's Father)

Ah, yes. The family skeletons herein lie. Very little is known about Frank other than he was apparently a philanderer. He was never talked about and this is one of only two photos I know of in existence. He married Harriette Martin and they homesteaded in Nebraska and Colorado. After Harriette died in 1903, he continued to live "out west" and my mother Helen, then 3 years-old, was sent back to Iowa to live with her mother's family. Frank apparently had several jobs and died of a heart attack in 1918 while working in the Ice House he owned and operated.


Born in 1795 in Greenbriar Valley, West Virginia, and died in 1846 at Toulon, Ill. At one time he bought and sold slaves, but when he married his second wife Jane McVey, he quit this business at her request. They then moved to a farm in Illinois. His first wife's name was Nancy Perry and they had two children Harriette and Harrison. Harrison (July 13, 1826-June 4, 1905) died in Gilman Iowa. Married Olive M. Gearheart (born July 11, 1836 in Marrietta, Ohio) in Stark County Ill. She also says... Billy Newton living in Los Angeles and works for American Canning Co. As a salesman. Sam Newton had 3 children - Ralph lives in Des moines, Frank lives in Chicago, and a daughter Ruth. Joe Newton and wife Gertie had 3 sons Earl, Milton, and Ralph and are living in Los Angeles. Ira Newton has a daughter in Hollywood named Winnie Odell. Hiram Newton family in Kansas, has a daughter Alice, Jennie, and a son Ray. It's not clear as to how the people in the previous paragraph are related. It appears that Billy, Sam, Joe, Ira, and Hiram are all sons of Harrison, but I don't know for sure.