The Maffitt story is a short one. I remember my father saying that the spelling of the name was changed a few generations back. I'm fairly sure that we are descendents of 18th century William and John Maffitt of Philadelphia. They were twins and had a falling out whereupon John changed the spelling of his name to Maffett and moved to Kentucky. That family moved to Missouri in the mid-1800's and the spelling remained the same until I believe Neamiah Maffitt's father John Christian Maffitt changed the spelling back to the original Maffitt. I believe this to be true because when I visited Neamiah's grave in Missouri there was a Maudie May Maffitt buried next to him who died in infancy and whom I believe to be from his second marriage. There is also a Maud May MaffEtt buried in Mexico, Missouri who was born a few years earlier. It seems to me that even though the spellings are different, they must have had a common ancestor but I can't prove it.

I was born April 10, 1940 in Shenandoah, Ia. I married Olivia Gail Redwine June13, 1968 in Pasadena, Ca. Olivia had a son Aaron Christopher, from a previous marriage whom I adopted as an infant. We had two more children: Noah Tuhan, born May 27, 1971, and Suzanna Marina, born September 19, 1974. The rest of my story may be found in "Caviar and Peanut Butter."
My father, FLOYD STEPHEN MAFFITT was born April 7, 1901, Riverton, Ia., and died April 20, 1981, in Sidney, Ia. He is buried in Farragut, Ia. along with HELEN NEWTON-MAFFITT and daughter Barbara Dicie.
Obituary: "Floyd S. Maffitt was born April 7, 1901, the son of Newton and Dicie Maffitt in South Fremont County Iowa. As a young man, on December 21, 1925 he was united in marriage to Helen Newton in Farragut, Iowa. Into this home were born three children, Barbara Dicie who passed away at the age of 13, Kent Newton, and Floyd Clark Maffitt. Floyd farmed in Fremont County for many years. In 1964 he retired and moved to their home on Fletcher Street in Sidney, Iowa. Floyd enjoyed his hobby as a craftsman in woodworking. He was a member of the Sidney United Methodiest Church and belonged to the AF&AM for over fifty years. He became ill in 1979 and after hopitalization was confined to his home under the care of his faithful wife, Helen. He was later hopitalized at the Grape Community Hospital in Hamburg, Iowa on March 25, 1981 and passed from us while a patient there on April 20, 1981 at the age of 80 years and 13 days. He leaves to hold dear the memory of his life, his wife Helen, two sons, Kent, of Minneapolis, Clark of Idyllwild, California, four grandsons, and one granddaughter. Also one sister, Zelpha Frances Allen of Tulsa, Oklahoma in addition to a large company of other relatives and caring friends."
Floyd's father NEWTON EVERETT MAFFITT was born May 12, 1865, in Lewis, Ia., and died December 11, 1949, while living at the home of his daughter Zelpha in Kansas City. He is buried in Sidney, Ia. Along with his wife DICIE FRANCIS STEPHENS

Newton's mother FRANCIS LITTLEFIELD died when he was quite young and his father re-married and moved the family to Gallitin, MO. The family story is that Newton ran away from home when he was 8 years-old because he didn't like his stepmother. He worked for various farmers and eventually ended up back in Iowa where he lived most of the rest of his life. Newton and Dicie had three children: Virgil, FLOYD, and Zelpha. Virgil died in Portland OR in 1972, and Zelpha died in Tulsa, OK.

Newton was a farmer most of his life, although he also ran a saw mill for a time. He was injured in a team run-away at one time and was in severe back pain the rest of his life which may explain his rather taciturn demeanor. After Dicie died, he lived alternately between his children's households, and was the only grandparent I remember. The most I ever remember him talking was when a tornado was coming and dad forced him to go to the cellar. The last time I remember him leaving the house on his own was when he walked out to the feed lot and stepped over the fence with his very long legs to take a last look at Buster, a pet pig that outgrew the house and was being sold. Grandad guessed his weight within a few pounds.

Newton's father NEAMIAH COLDREN (JERRY) MAFFITT was born April 13, 1837 in Delaware, OH, and died January 6, 1886 in Gallitin, MO. He married SARAH FRANCIS LITTLEFIELD and had three children: Edwin, NEWTON, and Anna. Sarah died 8 May 1866, and is buried in Lewis, IA next to her parents Horace and Harriet Littlefield. Edwin Maffitt lost his wife and three sons within two months in the winter of 1889. They are all also buried in Lewis IA. After Sarah's death, Neamiah moved to Gallitin MO, and re-married. He is buried in Gallitin next to Maudie May Maffitt who died in infancy six months after Neamiah. I assume Maudie May was a daughter from his second marriage. There are no other family members in the same cemetery, but there is another Maffitt buried in the "new" cemetery north of Gallitin who was born in the 1870's and died in the 1950's. I assume he was also a child of Neamiah's second marriage.